Breathe Easy Through The Winter

Do you often find it complicated to breathe during the winter time and feel that your lungs need a vaca? How about fighting the cold and flu? There are a couple of natural remedies I have found that could help make life a little easier and help you breathe better and fight the colds and flus that the lovely, dreaded winrer bring.

Alot of folks think that the #1 supplement for fighting the cold and flu is Vitamin C; however did you know that you need to be reaching for Vitamin D? Of course Vitamin C is helpful for boosting immunity; however, Vitamin D has been researched and shows that it boosts the bodies natural defenses and helps fight colds and flus. What’s more is that it even helps fight against respiratory illness as well.  During the winter time there is not a whole lot of sunshine; whereas in other times of the year such as spring and summer there’s plenty of sunshine. Since, the sunshine is hiding its beautiful face the amount of Vitamin D that is in our bodies in minimal and can drop dramatically. Thankfully you can get a natural dose of Vitamin D through many resources.

There are many supplements that you can get ahold of; roughly taking in about 600 IUs a day can help boost the amount of Vitamin D that is in your body. Other sources are plenty of fresh fruits and veggies as well. There are studies that show if your Vitamin D levels are optimal that it can help boost the health of your respiratory and lung health; it can also help prevent viral and bacterial respiratory infections, asthma, and other conditions.


The next amazing natural thing you can do to help keep your respitatory system and lungs healthy during the winter is medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have been in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and many herbalist and claim they have amazing benefits for the health of humans. Medicinal mushrooms espically have been used for thousands of years to protect against viruses and to help support immunity. Reshi mushrooms espically are recognized to support healthy immune function and some studies have even shown to help prevent lung cancer. Shiitake mushrooms have some of the same benefits for immune function as well as do maitake mushrooms. You can easily find reshi mushrooms in just about any health food store or online. Alot of them come in powder form which is amazing, because you can simply add them into your smoothies everyday for optimal health!

Another thing you can do during cold and flu season is to make some homemade elderberry syrup! You can find my recipe for that here.

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Diverticulitis: What is it and what helps it?

This topic of Diverticulitis has came to my attention from a reader of Naturally Glowing. I feel for her so much after learning some about this disease. I also found out my mother-in-law suffers from this as well. She had her stomach litterally explode on her from this disease as she was not treated correctly about 10 years ago and now suffers multiply intestinal problems. Diverticulitis is an acute or chronic infection in the walls of the large intestine that have weakend due to not enough fiber in the diet. Stool becomes lodged into pouches in the colon that protrude through the colon wall. This results in infection and can create an abcess which leads to an infection in the intestines. People with Diverticulitis often have pain in lower abdomen; usually on left side which surface pretty rapidly. Abdominal tenderness, fever, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, frequent urination, painful urination, rectal bleeding, and blood in stool are all symptoms that have been found with patients having Diverticulitis. Evidence links that high stress and smoking can worsen this problem. Other factors can include genes, gallbladder disease, obesity, and coronary artery disease. Studies have shown that physical activity, running, walking, and jogging to help protect against Diverticulitis. A high fiber diet is recommended for people suffering from Diverticulitis; at least 20-35 grams per day. You can get this from fresh fruit, veggies, and cerals containing brans. Drinking plenty of water helps as well; at least 8 8oz glasses a day. Eating foods that are alkaline help astonishingly. Veggies like: broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, potatoes, peas, sprouts, turnips, and califlower. Fruits like: berries, raisins, prunes, bananas, and apples. Whole grains, gluten free are recommened. Making sure your grains are whole grain is very important and avoid grains that contain soy, soy isolate, or soy letchin. You will want to avoid celery and corn.

There is also some supplements you can take to help aide in the process of healing your Diverticulitis!!
* Acidophilus (take as directed) helps support healthy intestinal tract and replaces flora in small intestine, primarily improves assimulation.
* Fiber (take as directed) helps prevent constipation and helps prevent infection
* Super Greens Formula- Gardne of Life has an amazing Super greens formula that has high levels of chlorophyll in the formula which is extremely benefical.
* Vitamin B complex (100mg, 3 times a day)
* Proteolytic Enzymes (take as directed, between meals) aides in degestion &
 reduces inflammation in colon
* Essential Fatty Acids (as directed) aides in protection of cells that line the wall
of the colon
* L-Glutanamine (500mg, 2 times daily, never with milk) maintains absorption
surfaces in the gut called villi
* Vitamin C (3,000-8,000 mg, a day, divded) anti-inflammatory & helps immuity
* Garlic – aides in digestion and is a natural antibiotic.
* Alfalfa (2,000 mg) Natural source of Vitamin K, essential minerals most people
with intestinal disorders lack.
* Aloe Vera Juice 1/2 Cup 3 times a day. Promotes and heals inflammed areas
* Organic Coconut Oil: 3 TBS or more a day. Add to smoothies, cook with it, add
or just swallow the TBS. anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-
carcinogenic, etc.. the miracle work horse!

Diverticulitis is a serious condition. If you think you may have it please see a physician. These recommendations are for information purposes only and will only help educate the patient with what is going on with them. This information is great for anyone who may be worried about thier intestine and colon health; men espically should look into this informaiton as well. I know red meat is acidic but we do eat it in my house. As a rule of thumb: Fish-2-3 times a week, chicken 2 times a week, poultry 1 time a week and beef 1 time a week.

Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!
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Super Powers of Cinnamon & 18 Ways to use Medicinally

Before, I had learned the many benefits of cinnamon, I thought it smelled good and was used in baking. That was about the end of my knowledge for it. However, cinnamon has such super powers that it was documented in use by Ancient Chinese herbalists as early as 2700 B.C. Cinnamon comes from the bark of an Asian tree; cinnamon sticks are actually pieces of dried bark. Cinnamon had been recommened by ancient herbalist for fever, diarrhea, and menstrual problems and still is today. It is also known that cinnamon was an ingredient for ancient embalming recipes. In the Bible, Moses was instructed to use cinnamon in Holy annointing oil* (see Biblical Reference below). After the fall of Rome; trading between Asia and Europe became difficult, however; cinnamon still made it’s way west for it’s prized healing powers. In ancient times if you had 24 oz of cinnamon it would be about equivalent to having 24 oz of pure gold today. In fact, modern medicine has proved time and time again that cinnamon is valuable for preventing infection, cancer, disease, pain, colds, coughs, flus, and gastrointestnal issues, as well as many other aliments. * Biblical Reference: Exodus 30:22-28; Proverbs 7:17; Song of Soloman 4:13-14

18 Uses for Cinnamon Medicinally:

Here are the uses:
1.) Cinnamon contains the natural chemical, cinnamaldehyde, which studies show it increases the hormone progesterone and decreases testosterone in women, which helps balance hormones and helps infertility.
2.) Helps relieve menstrual pain
3.) Contains fiber, calcium, iron, and maganese
4.) Natural food preservative; inhibits bacteria growth and food spoilage
5.) The University of Texas has studies that show cinnamon may reduce the proliferation of cancer cells; espically those in luekema and lymphoma
6.) Research at The University of Texas, Department of Experimental Therapuetics, and Cytokine Research labs show cinnamon reduces chronic inflammation linked to neurological disorders: Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, MS, brain tumors, and meningitis.
7.) Goes well with sweet and savory dishes 🙂
8.) 1/2 a teaspoon a day of cinnamon can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL)
9.) Cinnamon helps treat type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and increasing amount of insulin production in the body, stablizes blood sugar; great for weightloss 10.) Antifungal properties in cinnamon have been said that candida cannot live within a cinnamon environment
11.) Anti-clotting effect on blood
12.) When honey and cinnamon are combined helps with immunity, coughs, colds, flu, and relieves arthritis pain and cramps
13.) Just the smell of cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory
14.) Fightd E. coli in unpasturized juices
15.) Natural remedy for eliminating headaches and migrane relief
16.) Helps with indigestion and prevents ulcers
17.) Studies show cinnamon completlly suppress’ the cause of most urinary tract and yeast infections
18.) Cinnamon is an antiseptic that helps kill bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Cinnamon isn’t just for baking! Be sure you try one of these remedies before you head for the phamacy again for a nasty chemmical filled OTC drug!
Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!
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Natural First Aide Kits for Traveling

First aide kits are found in just about everyone’s home. Some are packed with aspirin, tums, bandades, sugar laden cold and flu syrups and cough drops, and nasty vicks vapor rub and more! What if you could have a more natural first aide kit? Would you use it? Of course you would or else you wouldn’t be here at Naturally Glowing, because you are wanting a more natural, organic approach to not only nutrition but wellness! One of the most annoying things I think is when you are on the road and a headache, stomach ache, tension, anxiety, etc arises and there is nothing to help when you are in the middle of nowhere or you suffer through it because you would rather not buy the aspirin or advil or tums at the fuel station you just passed. Being prepared while traveling is real important. Not only packing healthy foods and water, but health is real important that I think alot of people often most overlook. I remember one time when my siblings and I were younger and we were traveling back to Texas from Colorado with my aunt Lori and mom. In the backseat sat my brother, sister in the middle, and me. For some reason my brother and I were fighting and picking on eachother. Well, my brother had enough and swung at me over my sister; instead of hitting me he whacked her right in the nose!! Blood poured out everywhere! I don’t know how many of you have ever traveled Vail Pass in Colorado on I-70, but regardless if it’s in the winter or summer you don’t want to have to have an emergency were you have to pull over! Well, we did pull over and didn’t really have anything to help her, we had to use clothes to stop her bleeding and couldn’t properly clean her up until we reached another gas station. My mom and aunt were so mad!! It’s kind of funny now looking back, but we sure were in a pinch at the time and if we would have had the proper supplies we probally could have got the mess cleaned up and her feeling better, even on the side of the road! So here are my recommendations for a Natural First Aide Kit while Traveling:
Natural First Aide Kit for Travel:  * Valerian Tincture: sedative properties of valerian make it useful for reliefing anxiety, insomnia, and tension; may also provide minor pain relief. Video to make your own
* Eucalyptus Oil: Potent antibiotic & antiviral, also excellent for treating colds & sinus infections when used in as steam inhalation, but when traveling simply rub a few drops in the inside of nostrils and breath in.
* Witch Hazel Extract: Distilled witch hazel has been reported astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties; which is useful for treating insect bites or skin irritations. Is also a nice base for diluting essential oils; Do not ingest. * Herbal Insect Repellent: A must have! Badger has some great products and can find herbal insect repellant here as well!
* Arnica Gel or cream: Arnica flowers have anti-inflammatory and circulation stimulating properties; the gel or cream can help with sore muscles, sprains, strains, and bruises. Do not apply to broken skin.
* Lemon Essential Oil: Uplifting, clarifying essential oil of lemon can be used as aromatherapy to help get rid of mental fatigue. Also is an antiseptic, but should be diluted before applying to skin.
* Elderberry Extract Syrup or Lozeges: helps with colds and flus; has amazing immune boosting properties. Make your own here.
* Calendula/Comfrey Salve:  Calendula has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and comfrey’s ability to help heal wounds makes a great salve to have to treat minor scrapes and cuts.
* Goldenseal Capsules or Powder: The antimicrobial properties in Goldenseal is affective against many microorganisms that can cause travelers diarhea. The powder has antiseptic properties that can be sprinkled onto cuts or wounds to stop bleeding. DO NOT use if Pregnant!
* Ginger Capsules, Tea Bags, or Crystalized Ginger or All 3: Ginger has antisposmadic and gas-relieving properties, which will soothe digestive upsets. Also, has been shown to have be a better solution to relief motion sickness and nausea than Dramamine.
* Peppermint Essential Oil and Tea Bags: Peppermint helps soothes stomaches and eases congestions when colds and coughs arise and helps with itching insect bites. You can also rub a few drops on your temples when a headache arises. Do keep in mind peppermint can irritate heartburn.
* Lavender Essential Oil: Multipurpose oil, sedative, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Good for insomnia, anxiety, wounds, burns, and headaches. Mix a couple drops in a small stainless steel water spritz bottle with 4 oz water and spray on wounds and burns or spritz face to relieve headaches and anxiety. It will also deodorize bad smells, i.e. stinky diaper, smelly dog, etc.
* Aloe Vera Gel: Soothing, cooling, and healing has anti-inflammation properties that will heal sunburns or burns from cooking, fire, etc.
* Emergen-C: for electrolite replenishment, when someone gets dehydrated.
* Activated Charcoal: Can be crucial if someone gets food poisoning or ingests poisen of some sort
* Acai Powder: acai has anti-allergenic properities that can be used when an allergic reaction occurs, although not natural Benadryl would be good to have on hand and an epi-pen; just in case!
* Coconut Oil: Keep a small jar in your kit. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibiotica, antiseptic, and much, much more. Put on burns, insect bites, cuts, bruises, dry skin and more. Can also be ingested 🙂
Other Supplies:
*Twizzers, Scissors * Gauze, bandages, tape, vet wrap (for wrapping sprains or unstable bones) * themometer There are so many other things you can get or supplement for one thing or another. It’s your choice! Do you have anyother items you take or any recommendations? Comment below and let me know! The Ultimate Natural First Aide Kit for Home will be up tomorrow!! Since my husband has to travel for work and usually long distances, we usually try to keep all or most of these items in our trucks. You can store these in a train cosmetic case or a case to carry travel toilitries! Some other items not related to first aide, some are, to keep with you while traveling can be: * water * warm blanket * coat * winter boots * gloves/hat * disposable gloves * flashlight/roap flares * snow chains * canned dog food (if traveling with animals) * protein bars, nuts, canned organic meats, jerky, dried fruit, etc * jumper cables * battery powered car jumper * Small bills of cash and quarters if you need to make a phone call, a few dollars if no ATM is around
What do you keep in your car or truck when traveling for emergencies? Let me know!

Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!
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Elderberry Syrup for Coughs, Colds, & Immunity

Do you hate taking conventional cough syrup for your colds and coughs or giving it to your children? What’s actually in there anyway? Is it safe? Well, my guess is you hate taking it, I do. Conventional syrups usually are filled with chemicals, artificial colors & flavors, and nothing really that’s pleasant on your body. Plus, have you seen the side effects? They are almost worse than the reason in your taking the OTC; diahhrea, constipation, vomiting, possibly internal bleeding?!?! No, thank you! I have a little recipe, Elderberry Syrup, that does just the trick. I’m not sure where it originated from, but, it’s a common recipe for elderberry syrup to be used as a cough/cold/flu/immunity remedy that you can whip up yourself and it’s pretty easy! Here’s the recipe below.

In this recipe for elderberry syrup it also contains the follow; honey – boosts your immunity, gives you energy, and helps with allergies; ginger – calms the tummy; cinnamon combined with honey boosts immunity, settles upset stomachs, and helps cure the common cold!

     Elderberry Syrup:

* 1/5 cup dried elderberries
* 2 cups filtered water
* 1 tsp ground ginger
* 1 tsp ground cinnamon
* 1 cup honey (as local as you can get it; within 100 mile radius and organic and raw; as much as possible)

1. Combine elderberries, water, ginger, anc cinnamon in a pot and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
2. Remove from heat, allow to cool completly; which is very important because if you heat honey it looses it’s healthing properties.
3. Once mixture is cooled, strain elderberrries through mesh strainer. squeeze elderberries through cheesecloth to remove any liquid left in them. Discard berries or eat them!
4. Add 1 cup of your local, organic honey to the elderberry liquid. Stir very well adn store in a tight, sterile container. Make sure you have a very tight fitting lide.
5. Store your syrup in the fridge. It will last 2-3 months. Be sure to label your bottle so you know when it’s old.

– During cold/flu months give children 1 tsp daily
– During cold/flu months give adults 1 tbs daily
You may take year round to keep immune system in tiptop shape!

– At the first sign of flu/cold symptoms give children 1 tsp every 2-3 hours until no more sypmtoms
– At the first sign of flu/cold symptoms give adults 1 tbs every 2-3 hours until no more sypmtoms

This syrup is real sweet and goes down well. You should have no problem swallowing it; of course if you are allergic to any ingredients; DON’T USE IT. Common sense! 🙂
I’m waiting on some elderberries to come in, so hopefully I can make a video! Just discovered the wonderful world of a webcam being on my laptop! haha
You can get your dried elderberries from

What’s so great about elderberries?

Elderberries are super awesome for you immunity! They have many phytochemicals that fight the flu!
* Analgesics: pain reliver
* Antibronchitics: relieves sore throat inflammation
* Anti-inflammatory: relieves swelling and inflammation
* Antitussive: cough suppresant
* Anti-viral
* Expectorant: loosens phlegm
* Immunostimulants: boosts immunity system

Best Wishes & Live Beautifully