Heather Vargas, CHHC

Heather Vargas is a certified holistic health coach. Heather has been coaching women all over that they do not have to live with hormonal imbalance by teaching them how to eat properly for thier own body and hormonal imbalance and helping them to loose weight & actually keep it off. Heather’s one-of-a-kind, hormonal balance program offers unique approach to women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility metabolic syndrome, diverticulitis, lupus, post-cancer nutrition & wellness coaching, and prevenative nutrition & wellness coaching. Through her coaching she is able to help women finally loose weight and keep it off. Being a patient of polycystic ovarian syndrome, metabolic syndrome, and infertility herself, she understands and knows the trials and tribulations, the symptoms and heartache, that you go through everyday. Continuing down her own journey still, she is right in the game with you.      Not only will Heather coach you on nutrition but, as well as, helping you decide on proper supplementation, Naturopathic Physician referral if needed, help you with lifestyle choices, teach you frugal ways to stay healthy, teach you the dangers of enviornmental hormones that are around you everyday and how to avoid them, a proper exercise routine for your own body/hormone imbalance and more!    Heather started this blog in conjunction with her health coaching practice to allow women to get healthy recipes, ideas on how to be frugal, product reviews on organic & natural skincare, cosmetics, food, cleaning supplies, etc; recipes for various things such as body care, cleaning products, and many other topics that she feels will help women. Heather has a mission to have every woman know that they do not have to live with hormonal imbalance & know that they can prevent disease and illness! If you would like to learn more about Heathers’ health coaching practice visit this link. If you would like to contact her with any questions or questions on how to get started with a health coaching program, contact her here. You can also visit her Facebook pagewww.hormonebalancehealthcoach.com  Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!


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