Breathe Easy Through The Winter

Do you often find it complicated to breathe during the winter time and feel that your lungs need a vaca? How about fighting the cold and flu? There are a couple of natural remedies I have found that could help make life a little easier and help you breathe better and fight the colds and flus that the lovely, dreaded winrer bring.

Alot of folks think that the #1 supplement for fighting the cold and flu is Vitamin C; however did you know that you need to be reaching for Vitamin D? Of course Vitamin C is helpful for boosting immunity; however, Vitamin D has been researched and shows that it boosts the bodies natural defenses and helps fight colds and flus. What’s more is that it even helps fight against respiratory illness as well.  During the winter time there is not a whole lot of sunshine; whereas in other times of the year such as spring and summer there’s plenty of sunshine. Since, the sunshine is hiding its beautiful face the amount of Vitamin D that is in our bodies in minimal and can drop dramatically. Thankfully you can get a natural dose of Vitamin D through many resources.

There are many supplements that you can get ahold of; roughly taking in about 600 IUs a day can help boost the amount of Vitamin D that is in your body. Other sources are plenty of fresh fruits and veggies as well. There are studies that show if your Vitamin D levels are optimal that it can help boost the health of your respiratory and lung health; it can also help prevent viral and bacterial respiratory infections, asthma, and other conditions.


The next amazing natural thing you can do to help keep your respitatory system and lungs healthy during the winter is medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have been in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and many herbalist and claim they have amazing benefits for the health of humans. Medicinal mushrooms espically have been used for thousands of years to protect against viruses and to help support immunity. Reshi mushrooms espically are recognized to support healthy immune function and some studies have even shown to help prevent lung cancer. Shiitake mushrooms have some of the same benefits for immune function as well as do maitake mushrooms. You can easily find reshi mushrooms in just about any health food store or online. Alot of them come in powder form which is amazing, because you can simply add them into your smoothies everyday for optimal health!

Another thing you can do during cold and flu season is to make some homemade elderberry syrup! You can find my recipe for that here.

Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!



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