Safe & Green Kitchen: Food Storage

The next element in a healthy kitchen is food storage. Everyone needs containers to store leftovers, prep food, and pack up a lunch. What are you storing those foods in? Most likely you are storing them in plastic Glade or Ziplock containers, tupperware, etc. I’ve discussed the harm that plastic can play in our lives and bodies in Part 2 ; I would really like for you to consider giving up those plastics and moving to something a little safer.

Stainless steel containers are an excellent option as they don’t leach chemicals into our food and should be chemical free themselves. Go Green In Stages has a really nice line of stainless steel containers in alot of different sizes. As well as, Life Without Plastic. Go Green in Stages; however, I like a little better for thier afforadability prices. Yes, I know that changing over all of your containers will be time consuming and a little hard on the budget. But it takes times, goes in stages! Hey Christmas is around the corner; when people ask you what you what tell them you would like some containers from Go Green in Stages or Life Without Plastic or a gift card to these places.





Glass containers are a huge recommendation by many; I like them too! However, the concern I have with glass is that it will break. I’ve noticed that the tempered glass containers don’t break, at least I haven’t broken mine yet. Alot of times now you can find glass containers and water bottles with silicone rubber cases around them to help save the container from breaking; which is a huge save! Kinetic Go Green Glasslock containers are awesome! I really like them. They are tempered glass, which makes them sturdier and they have a silicone gasket to seal in the flavor and protect food. They are non-toxic and customers are advised to remove lid before reheating food in the container because of the silicone seal.



When it comes to utensils and flatware I like bamboo, stainless steel, or true real silver. The chances of finding true real silver is pretty slim to none unless you are lucky enough to have a set that has been handed down to you generation after generation. However, it is possible to find some vintage silver from estate sales, etsy, cragislist, or even garage sales, and of course up class ritzy stores. But, for the most of us stainless in the way to go in the metal area. Bamboo is great and sturdy and can actually cut through plenty of foods. I haven’t tried cutting root veggies with bamboo before; but who knows it might work. Try and look for recycled stainless steel when you do buy it; it’s less harsh on the environment!



Live Beautifully!

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