My New Love: One Love Organics

On this wonderful holistic, organic lifestyle change and journey; I am so
excited when I come across another amazing company that is bringing women, and men and children; amazing, organic, and safe skincare, cosmetics, etc. When I came across One Love Organics, I thought; “What a beautiful name”. Sadly, I am one of those people who judges my products on visual first! But, to me I think it’s important it lets me think and know that this company is proud; it’s like walking out of the house dressed and fixed up! Your proud of yourself! Suzanne LeRoux is the wonderful creator of One Love Organics. She is a true believer in natural products, as well as alternative, holistic healing. She has studied holistic nutrition, herbs, and aromatherapy. While she was a lawyer! After 5 years of being a beauty alchemist, One Love Organics was born! She and One Love Organics support Non-profit Organizations that benefit families. Suzanne is an artisian with true heart!

I purchased the One Love Organics Essentials To-Go! I was blown away at how wonderful the products were! I recieved: Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm,
Brand New Day: Microderm & Masque, Easy Does It foaming cleanser, Morning Glory Brightening/Complexion Booster, Love Springs Eternal Youth Perservation Serum, and My New Best Friend Shammy! The Essentials To-Go was a great way for
me to try the products before buying the regular size. I got the Morning Glory and Love Eternal Springs in a sample and was very greatful. I am going to be traveling this weekend to Colorado so this could not have came at a better time! All of the product came in an adorable little black and white polkadot costmetic tote. It’s adorable, I love it! Everything fits in it, as well as my basic essentails for makeup! The cost for the Essentials To-Go Pack was $48.00 and was money well spent!

The Skin Savior Beauty Balm: This is the most amazing little “savior”. There is so much you can do with this wonderful balm! It is a moisturizer, makeup remover, performance booster, lip treatment, hair tamer, natural illuminizer, treatment foundation, you can add this to your mineral makeup, I even put a little on my scalp and left on for awhile and then rinsed and rubbed through. *I even used it as a texturizer for hair one day* It has coconut oil *YEA* in it so, therefore it is a natural sunscreen for your face as well. The ingredients in Skin Savior include: coconut oil, sweey soy seed oil, beeswax, mango seed butter, chia seed extract, oat extract, orange peel extract, jojoba seed oil, vanilla extract, natural, non-gmo vitamin E. The price for this lovely little “savior” is $39. This is the multi-tasker you will not be able to live without! I promise you that one!


Brand New Day: Microderm & Masque: Have you ever been to a salon and they are telling you, “Oh, you need a microderm session, several treatments, and it will only cost you $100/treatment! WTF?! Ok, sorry but I am not paying that kind of money for that! How would you like it if I were to tell you, you needed no crazy machine, no breaking the bank, and that you can get your own microderm at home for the amazing low price of $39? Would you take it? I know I would. Well, One Love Organics created this beautiful little Microderm and Masque called, Brand New Day! It has antioxidants, and peptides, and it’s amazing and will have your skin glowing! You can use it every morning, using 1-2 tsp mixed in with some water or double duty with the Easy Does It foaming cleanser and gently scrub your face! Or add some raw honey or plain greek yogurt for a mask for 15 minutes! It’s devine! And smells ever so yummy! Some of the ingredients include: baking soda, rice bran, organic milk powder, silk peptide powder, organic pinapple fruit extract, and allantoin. This is another keeper, it smells heavenly, cleans and exfoliates!

Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser:
Ok, first of all, once again I love, One Love
Organics, not only is the Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm a multi-tasker, but the Easy Does It foaming cleanser is as well! You can use this *bad girl* to cleanse your face, body, and wash your hair! Easy Does It is soothing, cleansing, it softens, protects, and is simply amazing! Easy Does It contains glycerin, bark extract, apple extract, apple oil, and honeysuckle extract. It smells heavenly and is so simple and pure! It felt so soft on my skin and was amazing on my hair and entire body. Gentle, safe, and effective for your entire body. There is no need to have a body wash, shampoo, and face cleaner…you can just use Easy Does It! Seriously, it was awesome! My husband thought I was crazy when I told him to wash his hair and body with it. “I thought you washed your face with that?”, me, “I did, but I also used it for my hair and body, you try it!”. And guess what? He loved it! I love using him as a genia pig to try out things as well, it makes sense to make sure everyone in the house will like it! You can pick up Easy Does It for $29.00. However, if you want  a bigger bottle for the shower it is $79 for 32 oz, and this product goes a long way!

Morning Glory Brightening/Complextion Booster:
Ok, I am not trying to sound full of myself here or anything, but everywhere I go alot of people tell me that I have a beautiful complexion, this is on a girl who feels she has to wear makeup and doesn’t feel pretty or that I have pretty skin. My husband and I went to Ulta to pick up a makeup brush I wanted and before we left 3 women told me they would kill for my skin. The hubby said, “See, I told you, you were beautiful.” Aww, I felt pretty for the whole day! With that said, Why wouldn’t I continue to do and use anything and everything that would keep my pretty complexion? Well, I have found it! One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening/Complextion Booster serum is so amazing! I honestly could see a difference in my skin within one week. Actually all I used on Sunday for makeup was One Love’s Skin Savior, a little bronzer/blush, a little eye liner, and some mascara! My hubbby said that I looked so refreshed and glowing that day, even a friends girlfriend asked me if I was preggers “cause my face was glowing and dewey! OMG, I wish, but I was very thankful for the compliment! I honestly believe this company has the products to be “makeup optional”. Now, Morning Glory, this little baby is packed with a huge punch of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and stimulates, brightens, tightens, and tones your skin. I call it, my little face lift in a bottle! Morning Glory contains; Raspberry Leaf, lemon balm, sweet mint, and essential oils of: lemon, ylang ylang, and peppermint. You can grab “my face lift in a bottle” haha or Morning Glory for $48 I recieved this as a little extra, in a small sample; you can bet I’m buyin this when I run out of my sample!

Love Eternal Springs Youth Perservation Serum: A girls best friend, next to
One Love Organic’s New Best Friend Shammy. Love Springs Eternal Serum is anti-aging, smoothes skin, and wrinkles and reduces them, as well as giving your skin the essential fatty acids it needs. Perserve your youthfullness with this serum, I promise you will love yourself for doing using this product. It felt so delicous on the skin and did what it was suppose to; my skin has felt firmer since using it. I don’t have wrinkles so I am not sure about that; however I don’t want any, so you can bet your bottom dollar I am using it to prevent it!  It is packed with watermelon seed oil, date seed extract, rose oil, neroli oil, frankincense oil, palamarosa oil, and natural vitamin E. You can grab your youth serum for $59.












My New Best Friend Skin Shammy: I always used a wash cloth to wash my face with. Isn’t that what we all use? Well, after you use the My New Best Friend Skin Shammy for One Love Organics you will start using your face clothes to scrub the toliets! The skin shammy is 100% pure dermalogical grade fiber chamois! One cloth is good up to 200 washes and is so soft and gentle and amazing. You simple let cleanse it and air dry it. I always felt that regular wash clothes were a little too rough on my face and it was always really red after washing, but not with the skin shammy! I loved, loved, loved it!!! You can snag 2 of the for $24! Sweetness!

My overall view on One Love Organics was that I am a customer for life! I honestly loved every single product, and was able to try every product. They have everything you need. There is no reason to have a million different lotions and potions. Simplicity is best, not only does it but down on clutter, but it cuts down on your pocket book as well! If you are not sure and want to try out One Love Organics, you can purchase thier: A Little Love, sample pack; which gives you single uses of every product, except the skin shammy for $3.95! There is also a small sample size in just about every product! I truely feel that if you purchase the Essentials To-Go you will get to recieve the full benefit of One Love Organics so that you can become an amazing customer to them as well! You can Order at or give Suzanne a call at 912-434-4212 be sure to let them know that Heather@ Naturally Glowing sent you!
xoxo, Heather
Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!
If anyone is interested in one on one holistic health coaching visit me at

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