JEM Raw Chocolate Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter

Aww…this is a new love of mine in the food department. I had been looking for an organic almond butter that I would love and actually like. I loved peanut butter with delish organic apples and celery, but had been looking for an equally delish almond butter.
While looking for my almond butter I wanted it to not have ANY soy, soy letchin or any crap and less than 7 ingredients; I got this baby with only 5 ingredients. JEM Chocolates in a great little company out of Oregon that makes organic dark chocolate and almond butters. I got the cinnamon maca almond butter. What really stud out to me is that this is a superfood almond butter! You get the healthy fats of the almonds, the metabolism and blood sugar leveling cinnamon, and the hormone balancing powerhouse of red maca! The total ingredient are: raw, organic almonds; cinnamon, coconut palm sugar, vanilla extract, red maca powder. Five simple ingredients; that’s it. This is so good with apples and celery and just to plain out scoop in your spoon and take a spoonful; I’m gently of this; but it is so rich (in a good way) that a tablesoon of it is enough. This really helps me from the cravings of wanting to grab so sugar and run down to the gas station and grab a candy bar in a sugar craving rage! This does happen; but this almond butter has saved me! haha Actually I haven’t had a gas station run in awhile; I’ve started just paying for diesel at the pump instead of going in so that I am not tempted πŸ™‚
I snagged the almond butter on Amazon, because there was several things that I needed/wanted to order. The cost on Amazon was $11.99 for 6oz. It’s a little pricey, but when you look at the fact there is red maca in there it made it worth it to me. They also have a couple other varities: coconut cardamon almond butter and maqui camu super berry almond butter! I can’t wait to try these ones as well. They also have dark cacao chocolate bars and a chocolate hazelnut spread! Yummy.
All in all I thought this was a great buy; it’s totally going to be a staple in my pantry for a long, long time πŸ™‚


Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!

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