DeodoMom Deodorant

Brought to you by 30 Some Weeks is DeodoMom. This deodorant which is availble in a jar or rollon is a safe alternative of deodorant safe enough for pregnant mothers and all members of the family. The only ingredient found in this deodorant is magnesium hydroxide, which is safe enough to eat mineral and a little water. It is not scented and hopefully never will be.
Many of you I am sure use anti-perspirants; but it is not the wisest choice for you. They are usually aluminuim based and acutally created a “plug” that blocks your glands from sweating. You need to sweat! That is how your body gets out the toxins and how your bodies themostat cools you down. Aluminium is not required for our bodies, therefore there is no reason for you to be applying it on your biggest organ; skin. Too much can start to create trouble with your metabolism. Your liver is what gets rid of it, however, if too much is in the body deposits of it can be leached into your heart, brain, and other organs and systems.

I was asked by the creators of DeodoMom to review this product. I will be honest I was a little nervous at first. No catchy packaging or pretty bottles were in the works here. Just a simple bottle and jar with a green label stating what it was, it’s ingredients, and how to use. Pretty simple, huh? I started to wonder why there was little thought put into the packaging; then I realized, does packaging really make the product? No. Do pretty colors make the product work? No. Etc, etc. I can tell ya I have bought many things in pretty packaging and they most likely didn’t work. But this deodorant actually did. I didn’t have B.O.; I did sweat ( ’cause you are suppose too!!) But there was no bad smell. I was quite pleased with the product. I was able to try it in the jar and the rollon. Personally I liked the rollon much better, less messey and just used to rolling on deodorant I guess. Both contain the same product. It’s purely your choice which way you would like to go. Would I order this for myself? I’m pretty sure that I will. I’ve had the product for about a month and haven’t ran out yet. I wanted to wait until I was done completely, but it’s lookin like it’s going to be awhile. 🙂

The price for DeodoMom is $10 for a jar and $12 for the rollon. You can contact 30 Some Weeks; creator of DeodoMom at I am confident that they can answer any of your questions and that you will be satisfied. Have a blessed day yall!


Best Wishes & Live Beautifully!

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