Caldrea & Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

I recieved from Caldrea; a wonderful company who has a full line of luxurious cleaning products for the whole house! Caldrea is also the parent company for Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day! I recieved Caldrea liquid dish soap in Palmarosa Wild Mint and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day NEW 68 Load laundry detergent in Lemon Verbana! Yum!! I was very impressed with both products and will be using them in the future!

Caldrea, like I said before is the parent company to Mrs. Meyer’s. Caldrea uses essential oils and natural ingedients to have a grime and dirt kicking formula to tackle the toughest messes around your home and more! At Calrea they use nature for natural fragrance and cleaning potency. Every single product they have and use is free of parabens, formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine, phosphate, petroleum distillate, and phthlatates! That is amazing and wonderful! Scents that are available from Caldrea are: Palmarosa Wild Mint, Mandrain Vetriver, Ginger Pomelo, Lavender Pine, Basil Blue Sage, and Sweet Pea! Yum, sounds like you could eat them! I personally love the Palmarosa Wild Mint; I haven’t used the others but I will very soon!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are just as amazing! Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Days was inspired by an Iowa Homemaker named; Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer, who is a mother of 9!! Her daughter, Monica, thought that cleaning products should be free of nasty chemicals and should “smell nice, like a garden, but still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime!” She named the company after her mother, Mrs. Meyer’s. I love that! Again, like Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers uses essential oils and theraputic aromatherapy for cleaning!

A home should smell fresh, clean, and lovely; not nasty, bleachy, and medicinal! It should smell like sunshine! I find that not only with the nasty chemicals and toxins found in traditional cleaners, they are also horrible and nasty smelling and I personally do not want that at all! I’m with Monica, I want my home to, “smell nice, like a garden!”

Caldrea Palmarosa Wild Mint Liquid Dish Soap:
I have never, ever got excited or wanted to wash dishes! Having an older home, I don’t have a dishwasher and with traveling all over the US the hubby for work and living out of 5th wheel, don’t have one there either! However, after using Caldrea and thier liquid dish soap in Palmarosa Wild Mint, it made me want to wash dishes! It smells so heavenly, alluring, and clean! The mint gives a nice scent that is very calming and the Palmarosa is subtly floral, but not too much. All you need is about a squirt or two of the soap to do dishes and it goes a long way. It gave the right amount of natural, clean smell I wanted in the home without smelling un-natural. The Palmarosa Wild Mint soap has soap bark extract, which is natures best degreaser! I didn’t know that until I started to use this product! That is one thing I love about trying out new products; you learn new things! Overall this dish soap gets 5 stars from me across the board, I love it! The size of the bottle is 16 oz for the price of $9.00. The packaging is very clean, sleek, and stylish! I have been using the product for about 2 weeks now and if you look at the picture above I haven’t even got to the top of the beginning of the labeling on the bottle! Which is saying alot because I always feel like I go through dish soap like crazy!! I loved this product and am a customer for life!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day 68 Load Lemon Verbana Laundry Detergent:
This is a super concentrated, 4X laundry detergent that smells like a bucket of lemons! Yum! This laundry detergent comes to you concentrated 4X, allowing you to only use 1 TBS per Load!! Now, how often do you feel you are using a full cup or more of laundry detergent? I know I do; well did before I started making my own. Sometimes you just don’t want to make your own, or don’t care to. If not, Mrs. Meyer’s is a wonderful company to use as well. Clean and all natural products and essential oils are used here as well to clean your home and laundry! I was sent this detergent in Lemon Verbana and loved the fresh lemony smell, it’s hard working, but gentle for delicates as well. I always do a “test” with laundry. I wash hubbys dirty work cloths with the detergent, if it gets it clean it’s a winner. Then I do my delicates; if it gets them cleans but keeps the form, shape, and fabric protected and soft it’s a winner as well. Mrs. Meyer’s past both tests!  Stain fighting enzymes, borax, essential oils, and plant derived ingredients are used here to help get your world clean! And does it terrifically! The 68 load detergent comes in a 32oz bottle for $15.99!

All in all, both these products are amazing and will be used in my home for times to come! I highly recommend both of them, at least for you to try once and see if they work for you!

If you are interested in purchasing any or the above mentioned products from Caldrea or Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day; please click on the links below and let them know that Heather at Naturally Glowing sent you!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day


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