Exciting Offers for New Health Coaching Clients!

 Hey friends! I’m offering two exciting offers for new health coaching clients that enroll in a 6 month program. A 6 month program helps clients start to transition into a healthier, holistic lifestyle through nutrition & wellness. I help clients start to make healthier choices about thier food, lifestyle, wellness, encourage exercise, help with meal planning, goal setting, and recipes! You also get monthly healthy giveways from me during your program that will help introduce new foods & healthy items into your life. I work with you step by step each month to start taking small steps to achieving optimal health & wellness. The reason for the program being 6 months is because, research shows people are more likely to stick with new habits, with support, during a 6 month time frame.

A consultation is where we go over your current health, weight, health issues {past and present }, family medical/health history, your goals concerning health and wellness, food preferances, hormone health profile, and more! It’s an intense hour to hour and a half conversation. At this time we can decide if signing up for a 6 month health coaching program with me is right for you. By doing a 6 month program with me you will learn so many things! You will find out how your hormones work and why the imbalance of them may be causing you to not be able to loose weight and keep it off, what it means for women with pcos and other metabolic issues, learn healthy, exciting recipes, learn how to detox properly, learn how to find out what foods your body is probally sensitive too, proper food combination, and more! During a 6 month program we will have 2 sessions per month { phone, skype, facetime, or in person }. The exciting thing about health coaching is that this can all be done when we are not in the same town! You can be coached without even leaving your home! Ever been to a health appointment in your p.j.’s? Now you can!

So what are the free offers?! If you enroll in a 6 month program your consultation fee will be rolled over into the first month & you will recieve an “Essentials On The Go” organic skincare kit from One Love Organics, personally bought by me, to help kickstart your healthy new lifestyle by keeping your skin gorgegous; without the chemicals! All you need to do to get started is give me a call or contact me here. We will get a consultation appointment set up and go from there! Remember, consults and the entire program can be done over the phone! So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get healthy?


Heather Vargas, CHHC



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